Baseball is back. The Braves are currently beating the Phillies, 3-0.

I think the Braves could be pretty good this year, but I thought the same thing last year. And the year before that.

And the year before that.

Nevertheless, I like the new lineup, and I find myself liking the game more and more as I get a little older. It shares a few characteristics with stock car racing that I enjoy.

  1. There is no clock.
  2. There is plenty of downtime.
  3. There are a lot of overlooked intricacies that make every moment unique.

Speaking of racing, NASCAR officials should get rid of the yellow “out of bounds” line at Daytona and Talladega. The series added the line and the rule that drivers could not race into the grass below it after Dale Earnhardt died. It was a reactionary rule that didn’t address any real problems and only added a little more gray to NASCAR’s palette.

Had the yellow line rule existed in 1979, Cale Yarbrough and Donnie Allison would’ve never had their crash and bash on the backstretch at the end of the Daytona 500. This may be a dumb argument, but this is a dumb column.

Conference pride is also dumb. Almost everyone I know who roots for an SEC team also roots for any SEC school when bowl season rolls around. Why?

I root for the Florida Gators. I tend to root against their  big rivals — Tennessee, Georgia, LSU, etc. I shouldn’t have to root for any of those teams to win anything.

This is really a college football problem. I don’t know any Red Sox fans who root for the Yankees in the World Series because they’re a member of the AL East.

I’m going to The Masters. This will be my first time at Augusta National without a press pass, and I’m ecstatic. After playing the course in 2011, I thought I may never return.

Now I get to go as a patron. I get to wear a paper badge, pay for pimento cheese sandwiches and drink a few beers out of some plastic cups that will be added to my dinnerware.

Don’t worry — I’ll wash them first.